behrconsulting @behrconsulting
Any way to remove a #ithemes #backupbuddy license from a client site that locked us out of their wordpress site?
I've just created a tech note on "How to allow local routed networks to bypass VPN". See it at
Anyone using #sophos central and #office365 shared mailboxes have a solution for mailbox owners to manage their qua…
My favorite QR Code generator as of today: - My logo looks great in the center!
Found a great collection of links to will report on the health of a website (malicious, phishing, reputation, SSL,…
We are currently moving our email services from #A2Hosting to #aws #WorkMail with migration services from #audriga.…
Attending Google Cloud on-boarding #googlecloudonboard
Testing new access point and switch from #Meraki. A new partner of mine. Our remote management of client networks will be greatly enhanced!
iFlightBag App version 2.5.1 is now available. Find it
Tools section of our website has been updated:

Kent Behrends

KentBehrends @KentBehrends
Yesterday @Instacart delivered our order from @StaterBrosMkts. One box of @KeeblerUS Club crackers was scotch taped…
#bucadibeppo Trying to order curbside pickup and I get an error "Meatball Sub are not available for curbside orders…
#bankofthewest online appears to be down: "Access Denied You don't have permission to access "…
Help with Error in #BackupBuddy v8.0.0.3: "Error #32892393: wp_mail() does not exist. Inside WordPress?” WP v4.8. All other plugins deactive
The ham radio reference utility #WinSystemInfo v2.0 for WinSystems and IRLP hams is now available. See
A new version of #WinSystemInfo iOS app is now available on the Apple app store.
New beta v2.0 (20170328) for the ham radio app #WINSystemsInfo now available . #WINSystems and #IRLP repeaters, maps, manuals on #TestFlight
A new beta version of WINSystemInfo my Ham Radio WIN Systems and IRLP Repeater app has been submitted. v2.0 (20170317). #Swift3 #iOS10
iPhone 6s iOS 10 local update failed. Now requiring iTunes update/restore. Next try update via iTunes.
@SophosSupport Sophos Home, Mac - Please use the notification manager for alerts. PC virus alerts swap my display & take keyboard focus