WinSystemInfo v1.2.1

WinSystemInfo v1.2.1

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WINSystemInfo is a utility designed specifically for users of the HAM Radio Western Intertie Network and IRLP repeater users.

Repeater lists:
– By Service Area
– By Distance from iOS device (if location services are permitted)
– My List is a list you can define. Remove Repeaters, Set them in any order.

Live Audio:
– Background enabled audio of the WIN System and some of your favorite HAM radio sources.

– WIN System Upcoming Events

– WIN System Specific Links

The database can be updated at start up, or manually at any time.

To add/change repeater information, events, and audio sources, just file a request in the help desk system at

If you are interested in having this app customized for your HAM radio club, let me know via the help desk above.

See settings for options on updates, reporting bugs, requesting features, and adding repeaters, audio, events or links.

What’s New in Version 1.2.1

Version 1.2.1
– Added update database on settings change
– Added alert for new repeater in range
– Changed My Repeater List to follow IRLP settings
– Fixed repeater display when IRLP is turned off
– Fixed crash when no repeaters are in the list
– Remove reverse geo-coding for non-winsystem repeaters
– Updated seed database